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Free Tree Inspection

check listA tree inspection performed by a professional arborist can tell you whether your trees are in good health or decline, and whether they are safe or unsafe. Branching Out’s certified arborist will be looking for sickness or hazardous conditions such as:

When hazards are present, Branching Out can make recommendations about how to correct for them, such as:

In addition to looking at individual trees, Branching Out can look at your property overall in order to answer questions such as:

Make a list of all of your tree concerns before we visit. We will tailor your free inspection to your needs and questions.

Why should you have your trees inspected?

Who needs a tree inspection?

When should trees be inspected?

Trees should be inspected by a certified arborist every three years to monitor their health and safety. However, in extreme weather conditions like drought or excessive rain or flooding, more frequent tree inspections are advisable. Also consider having your trees inspected after a severe storm, particularly if you have heard cracking sounds or see broken or dangling branches.

What We Look For

We look for any possible danger to you or your visitors which could cause damage to property or personal injury.